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Beatricks Plotter

Story behind your name: When I first started derby, I was a children's librarian, so I felt compelled to pick a kiddie lit name.

Number: 823 (the Dewey Decimal number for British authors)

Place of birth: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Height: 4'9"

Position: Blocker

A Hunnie since: March 2011 (charter member)

Skate Specs (boot, bearings, wheels, etc): Bont hybrid boot, Pilot Falcon Plate, Cheezeball Cheddar bearings, Reckless Morph 93/97 wheels

Favorite move: getting in the opposing jammer's way and also drawing them back for a track cut

Derby injuries: a few bumps and bruises but nothing major so far (knock on wood). I was told by a tech that I have great bone density.

Favorite derby moment: our current team's win in June of 2016 against our friendly rivals, the Rolling Valkyries. We had a long dry spell and worked hard to achieve that win.

Why you got into derby: I first read a book about it, just out of curiosity's sake. Months later, I watched my first bout after experiencing a car crash on the Interstate on the way home from a snow skiing trip. I figured if I can survive that, I can survive anything!

Drink of choice: during the game/practice, water or Pedialyte, at the after party, Angry Orchard.

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