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Story behind your name: My Dad named me and this is his reason "Because all the adult derby girls were going to get their "Karma" for picking on you the whole time you were in the junior league."

Hometown: Saint Augustine Florida

Currently Residing: Fort White Florida

Number: 17


Height: 5'3

Position: Apparently I'm going to be a Blocker

A Hunnie since:January 2017

Skating since: I was 16

Favorite move: Any move on skates really


Derby injuries: None....yet

Favorite derby moment: So far Wrexxy telling me I'm a tree trunk

Why you got into derby: I watched one bout and said I want a be a badass and look hot at the same time like them and I started learning to skate


Guilty Pleasures:

Motto: I block. You fall. Repeat

Derby Wife: I'm single and ready to mingle!

Drink of choice: Bud light

Favorite song: I'll show you crazy

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