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Story behind your name: I was given the nickname chucky because my work family says I am an "evil doll". Combined with my undying love of anything involving Kentucky, a derby name was born.

Hometown: Stearns, Kentucky

Currently Residing: Valdosta, Ga

Number: I'm going with 606 (my area code from where I am from)

Height: 5'0

Position: TBD

A Hunnie since: February 2017

Skating since: I was 12 with like an 18 year hiatus in between :)

Skate Specs (boot, bearings, wheels, etc): skates: SureGrip Rebel Avanti Aluminum plate. Wheels: SureGrip Fugitive Blue (92a) - Freshmeat beginner package!

Favorite derby moment: So far taking the plunge to join these amazing ladies. It's been inspiring with every practice

Why you got into derby: I had a few friends who were involved with it and immediately it was something I felt like I could do. I had also heard many times skaters say "derby saved my life", I was at a point where I needed something so impactful in my life as well... so here I am.

Guilty Pleasures: any sweet and salty combo. Sleep lol

Motto: it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission

Drink of choice: Depends on the mood! I love wine but I also love a good Guinness

Favorite song: it's hard to pick. Music is just good for the soul, I have many favorites.

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