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Story behind your name: I am a photgrapher, quickly realized I take an ungodly amount of pictures at once, a Mega amount if you will, and seeing as photos are measures in MegaPixels, well, im sure you see it now, Wrexx put it together and it just stuck!!

Hometown: New Haven, Ct

Currently Residing: Fort White, FL

Number: 22

Height: 5' 9"

Position: Photographer & Bout Day Gopher

A Hunnie since: 2015

Skating since: HAHA, nonskater here, best for everyone that way!!

Favorite move: seeing a blocker come from no where and just level the jammer, dont judge.

Derby injuries: Trigger-Fingeritis, oh and that one time I tried my feet at skating and bruised my coccyx for 6 months!

Favorite derby moment: getting my first jersey. as a non player, I didnt know where I fit in, like an outsider, getting my jersey, made me feel more valuable to the team, more included.

Greatest derby accomplishment: Getting pics out within 48 hours, that was tough and my new goal to reach again!

Why you got into derby: to meet new people, do what I love and be around strong women

Guilty Pleasures: River Time, oh and watching Frozen every Friday!

Motto: IIWII - It Is What It Is

Derby Wife: I need me one of those taking applications perhaps

Drink of choice: Margaritas are my go to, however, I am considering becoming a Wine-O after all these new yummies Ive tried

Favorite song: ugh, 1 favorite, how tough, I will go with It's My Life, by the one and only Bon Jovi

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