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Princess Unikitty

Story behind your name: I love the lego movie and pfff it's an awesome name! If you've ever seen it you will understand that she is me.

Hometown: Lake City

Currently Residing: Lake City

Number: 34

Height: 5'6"

Position: pivot

Skating since: forever

Skate Specs (boot, bearings, wheels, etc): bont, mayhem, cheddar.

Favorite move: Mohawk

Derby injuries: broken ankle

Favorite derby moment: I had a young girl come up to me and tell me how great I did after a bout. She wanted an autograph and a picture with me!

Greatest derby accomplishment: MVP

Why you got into derby: I love skating!

Guilty Pleasures: Reese cups 😍

Motto: if you ain't fallin' you ain't tryin'

Derby Wife: Sexxy Wrexxy!!!

Drink of choice: margaritas

Favorite song: pretty much and 90's country

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