Stabitha B. Knuckles

Story behind your name: Hubby gave me the name stabitha after several scotch on the rocks and an ice pick lol and b knuckles means brass knuckles, which I have tattooed on me.

Hometown: Greenfield, TN

Currently residing: Belleview FL

Number: 1031 (October 31st is the first time I met the derby wifey)

Height: I'm 5'7" and some change

Position: I play wherever my team needs me but I enjoy the middle of the wall the most

Hunnie since: December 2016

Skated since: I've skated for years but I've only skated derby since November 2015

Skate specs:whatever Poise puts on my feet lol excited about my Bonts though!!!!!

Favorite move: can opener

Derby injuries: No injuries to report.....yet

Favorite derby moment: Every time I put on my skates and get out there on the track is a great derby moment

Greatest derby accomplishement: 27/5 lol

Why you got into derby: I felt like I needed something in my life for me

Guilty Pleasures: whiskey and anything edible lol

Motto: Don't Start No Sh*t Won't Be No Sh*t

Derby wife: the one and only Poise N Control

Drink of choice: FIREBALL

Favorite Song: "B*tch Better Have My Money" is my derby pump up song or ANYTHING by In This Moment