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Tenacious Wrexx

Story behind your name: Big Head, Little Arms

Hometown: Wellington Ohio

Currently Residing: High Springs Florida

Number: 10

Height: 5'5"

Position: Captain, Blocker

A Hunnie since: May 2011

Bouting since: October 1, 2011

Derby injuries: Broken Fib, Dislocated Tib, requiring 2 surgeries 6 screws and a plate. Broken thumb.

Favorite derby moment: Every derby moment is great when you are a Hunnie!

Why you got into derby: I love sports. Played Softball, Indoor Cricket, Rugby, Roller and Ice Hockey and also love snowboarding.

Favorite derby move: All the Hits!

Guilty Pleasures: Reeses Cups. & Ice Cream are my kryptonite.

Derby Wife: Princess Unikitty (retired wives: Navy and Turbo)

Drink of choice: Water

Favorite derby song: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

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