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Vera Dreadful

Story behind your name: After months and months of toiling over potential derby names I finally realized it was right in front of me the whole time. My Grandmother... She came to a bout I was NSOing and at the half I asked her "How do you like the bout so far?" She replied "If I was about 20 years younger I'd be doing that." As she coyly points to the track. It hit me like a ton of bricks, this strong, independent woman still had adventure in her heart. And from that Vera Dreadful was born.


Hometown: High Springs, FL


Number: 31


Height: 5'7


Position: Jammer


A Hunnie since: 2014? Not quite sure


Skating since: 2011


Favorite move: to the left, to the left


Derby injuries: mystery knee injury #1, two broken fingers ask me about my fatty tissue!


Favorite derby moment: There are too many! One of them was my first successful apex jump in a bout.


Greatest derby accomplishment: When I graduated fresh meat, derby is one hell of a commitment especially if you come from a very low skating background. I'll never forget the feeling of pure joy and self fulfillment.


Why you got into derby: ask me at an after party


Drink of choice: coffee, a good cider or beer and spring water


Favorite song: birthday song - 2 chainz

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